Thomas Georg Blank, born 1990 in Germany, was first trained in cultural and media education focusing on photography before studying art in Karlsruhe and Mexico City. Moving between research and speculative interpretations, Blank explores how spatial and habitual representations of individual and collective imagination affect the world we’re living in and vice versa. By creating multidirectional, spatial narratives he offers spectators a space for reconfiguration and change of perspective. He currently lives in Darmstadt and San Diego and has had several exhibitions in galleries and museums, including Hek Basel, Historisches Museum Frankfurt, Kunsthalle Darmstadt, Kunstverein Pforzheim, Blue Star Contemporary and C/O Berlin. His works have been awarded many times and he has been a scholar of DAAD as a research fellow at UC San Diego’s Center for Human Imagination. – Lars Maierkorn, gardener and writer